Easy Date on the Wharf

The Wharf is the new hip spot to hang out in D.C. And while it is at its prime in warmer weather, it has enough entertainment and dining options to keep you occupied even when you want to be bundled up inside. We decided to visit the Rappahannock Oyster Bar after a day of bar hopping. We didn’t want a huge meal – just a few bites and drinks.

Fair warning: the bar is TINY with maybe 15 seats or so around the whole thing. But it is in a cool space and the shucking happens right in front of you. Not too loud – easy to have a decent conversation. When the weather warms up, they have a great outdoor space. Can’t wait to check that out.

We started with a dozen oysters. We typically have them do a mix. I tend to love the briny and they had a good variety.

We moved on to the crab dip. Now, I am a crab dip SNOB, but this was one of the best I’ve had. It was full of crab but also had corn and jalapeno thrown in the mix which paired well with the tortilla chips. As I looked around the bar, EVERYONE was eating this dish.

We moved on to steamed shrimp. These were a good size and dusted with Old Bay. Always a solid appetizer in my book.

Capped it all off with the Caramelized Banana Pudding. I usually don’t go for dessert all that often but this was hard to resist. Plus, it came with Nilla Wafers which was a staple in our kitchen when I was a kid.

Rating: Four Amazeballs. Solid atmosphere for a first date or a 51st date. Highly recommend.

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