Date Night in Arlington

The Green Pig Bistro in Arlington is a long-time favorite of ours. In fact, they’re currently celebrating their 7-year anniversary. Excellent for both brunch and dinner, we frequent this spot often (dinner reservations are encouraged – it gets packed!). It doesn’t hurt that it is only two blocks or so from where we live. They are definitely a meat-focused spot, but their seafood dishes are also outstanding, particularly the scallops. They added a raw bar to the mix a year or so ago, and always have a great oyster selection. (Pictured above: Veal Chop; Herbed Mashed Potatoes; Brussels Sprouts; Bleu Cheese Butter)

Pork Chop; Aged Gouda Mashed Potatoes; French Beans; Mushroom Gravy

One of my favorite things about this spot is their menu rotation. Every season they make changes and adjustments. Some of their staples always stay (they have one of the best burgers in the area!) but I like the creative spin they take on other dishes. We visited recently to sample their new Spring menu. I’m not usually a pork chop person (they seem to be dry more often than not) but Josh is so he chose the dish above. I must say, it was one of the juiciest chops I’ve ever had and I would most definitely order it myself.

Pork Shank, Fried Spinach. Lardons, Beans Cassoulet

I opted for the pork shank. This dish has been on their menu since we’ve been going (several years), but like I mentioned above, they change the preparation seasonally. This was a new spin and I loved it! The beans and lardons gave it a similar flavor to a French cassoulet. It had such great flavor and it’s huge! I couldn’t finish it.

A solid wine and cocktail list, the drinks here don’t disappoint. We often order a bottle of wine but have been known to do the Smokin’ Old Fashioneds as well. We are always too full for dessert, but each night they offer a pie of the day that feeds two in addition to other tasty looking treats.

It can be a bit loud during dinner service so I wouldn’t recommend for a first date. But if you want to impress (and eat well) on date 3 or 4, this is your jam.

Rating: Four Amazeballs. A place we constantly return to (and not just because we live nearby).

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