A Casual Day Date in Georgetown

One of my favorite things to do once the weather warms up is take the walk from Arlington across the Key Bridge to Georgetown. This weekend we had beautiful Spring weather and I was itching to get outside.

View from Key Bridge

Georgetown is one of the BEST places in Washington, D.C., to have a day date. Great walking, history, neighborhoods to get lost in, and no shortage of bars/restaurants. You can start off with brunch and bounce around after, meet for drinks only, or do lunch! It’s also the only place in D.C. (aside from the Wharf) where you can dine/drink near the water. Definitely a good option on the NW side of town.

We wandered through the neighborhoods a bit. Fair warning: when the weather is nice on the weekend and school is in session, Georgetown gets PACKED. If there is a certain spot you’re interested in, I would suggest reservations. We didn’t really have an agenda, so bouncing around was fine by us.


We hit up one of our favorites – il Canale. With outdoor seating on one of Georgetown’s side streets, this place is quintessential Georgetown. In fact, we’ve ONLY been here for day dates. We just love the vibe sitting outside with shades on and an Aperol Spritz in hand. We always start with the Tagliere (pictured above). It’s a great combination of cured meats (the Prosciutto was to die for!), mozzarella and assorted vegetables. It’s such a beautiful dish, everything was seasoned properly and is a good portion. You could easily just order this platter and a few drinks to munch on while you sit outside if your appetite is smaller.

Gluten-free Diavola Pizza

We opted to continue munching and ordered a gluten-free diavola (spicy salami) pizza. I love the authenticity of this restaurant when it comes to the sauce and the ingredients. The spicy salami is definitely just that. This isn’t your average pepperoni! Josh has celiac disease so we like to sample gluten-free pizzas around the city. (il Canale also has gluten-free pasta). This pizza was delicious but small, much more of a personal size. I’m glad we started with the Tagliere. They are also pretty expensive for the size. We have definitely had larger and less expensive gluten-free pizza around town. But if you’re starting with an appetizer or two, this will fit the bill.

For the non-celiacs, the regular pizzas are excellent. Also, this place is legit Italian. As in, you constantly hear Italian spoken and they have Italian patrons legit. It’s the real deal.

Old Fashioned and Boulevardier

We weren’t quite finished enjoying the weather so we opted to head to the new(ish) José Andrés spot, America Eats Tavern. This place took over the former Old Glory space and stayed with the BBQ theme. We went up to the rooftop patio for drinks. Josh ordered an Old Fashioned and I chose a Boulevardier. A great open space (with partial rooftop covering for shade) – we enjoyed a few beverages before our walk back across the bridge.

Rating: Four Amazeballs. A solid way to spend an afternoon in Georgetown.

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